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Civil War - Which Side You Are?

It has been a few days since Marvel's Captain America - Civil War hit the theatres. It is worth noting that the debates on which team to pick are still ongoing online and offline. Either you are with Tony Stark's #TeamIronMan or Steve Rogers's #TeamCaptainAmerica, chances are, your mind will be stimulated and galvanized towards getting your argument right against your dissenting friends/families. See, even writing an intro for this took more than 140-characters limit in Twitter. Hence, I had to post this here first and screencap to Twitter. 
To me, Civil War is worth watching. In fact, if you already have children, then bring them along and watch together and discuss after the movie has ended. Especially, if they are old enough to understand.
At the centre of the story and in the midst of the horrific car/plane crash, intense fighting and blood spilling, there's an important issue to be addressed. Fans of this popular franchise are divided on whose action should be followed. On one corner is a guilt-ridden, law-abiding citizen of earth who tries to make up for his past and on the other corner is a single-minded American Hero who took reasoning above the law.

While almost every single parent in this planet will prefer to teach their children not to break the law and maintain peace and harmony in the country, nonetheless it is very difficult not to challenge the norm especially when the law is in the hands of oppressive tyrants. It took me back to the days when I was still an undergraduate when we were discussing the meaning of justice and equality. 

The situation in our country is also not too different. There are concerns about the abuse of laws - how should we act on it? The social media thus provide the platform to engage and communicate and to a certain extent debate on it. Maybe in the case of our kids, they are not ready for this. Too many technicalities and financial jargons to absorb at a very young age. Those in the Uni maybe fine. But not those who are still in schools.

Nonetheless, Civil War should provide our kids with an interesting topic to discuss. The story-line is straight forward and easy to understand. However, the decision makings by our super heroes are complex and not easy to digest. Here, parents should take the role of a mentor and explain to their kids. Principle such as 'the end doesn’t justify the means' could be difficult for the young lads to understand. Then again, if that is the case, then the movie won't be so special, don't you think?

I'm not a big fan of Captain America BUT for this one, I will side with #TeamCaptainAmerica. Why? That's another story to tell. I'm just getting used to Blogspot again. So, until another time.. 

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