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HR Training Workshop: Industrial Harmony and Managing Retrenchment

Malaysia, during this period of economic downturn is not spared from the impact of slowing growth, declining corporate earnings, receding capital investment and other negative effects. As the economy slips further, many a times corporations are forced to make painful decisions in order to stay solvent, which includes retrenching employees. 

However, merely citing the economic slowdown as a reason to let go employees is not good enough. Employers are bound by strict guidelines to safe guard employees' interests and to maintain industrial harmony during the process of retrenchment.
Recognizing this, The Malaysian Current Law Journal (CLJ) would like to invite you to join their 2-day training workshop on INDUSTRIAL HARMONY AND MANAGING RETRENCHMENT.
Experienced speaker, Mr Param Moorthi, will talk about how HR practitioners together with management can take the lead in maintaining positiveness and retaining industrial harmony amidst difficult times. Another esteemed speaker, Mr Mathews George, a Johor-based employment and industrial law practitioner, will highlight on the financial repercussions of poor retrenchment exercises. 

Please view the details of the training workshop HERE.

When and where?
This seminar will be held at Thistle Hotel, Johor Bahru from 25 - 26 May 2016

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