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The current economic climate has caused employers to focus on managing their business in an efficient manner without causing major disruption to operations. Some of the measures taken involve downsizing the workforce, temporary lay-off, and other cost cutting measures.

The Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF) is organizing the above Seminar with the sole purpose of guiding its members on the need to handle the downsizing and other related issues in an effective manner, thus avoiding any legal issues that may arise.

As downsizing may lead to termination of redundant employees. MEF has lined up distinguished speakers to speak on the pre-retrenchment measures, the retrenchment exercise proper, and post-retrenchment measures. 

The speakers include:
  • Mr. P. Iruthayaraj - Former Industrial Court Chairman; 
  • Mr. M. Vivekanandan - The Advisor (Special Functions) of MEF, who authored the book ‘Guide to Redundancy and Retrenchment’; and
  • Mr. Goh Seng Wing - The Senior Consultant with MEF. 

The organizer has also secured the attendance of Puan Jeyanthi Murugaiah the Human Resources Manager with a multi national  company which successfully completed a downsizing exercise with the assistance of MEF. She will share with the participants her Company’s experience in handling this sensitive matter without any legal complications. 

A complimentary copy of MEF Publication ‘Guide to Redundancy and Retrenchment’ will be given to all participants. 

For further information, please contact :-
  • Tel: 03-7955 7778 (ext.163 Norkhalidah / ext.164 Nurul Afiqah)
  • Fax: 03-7955 9008 / 6808
  • Email:

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