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Reduction of 4 Megatons of Carbon Dioxide A Year

The Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) is fine-tuning its efforts for Building Information Modeling (BIM) using the Malaysian Carbon Reduction and Environmental Sustainability Tool (MyCrest) to make development projects more environment-friendly.

Deputy Public Works Minister Datuk Rosnah Abdul Rashid Shirlin said the use of the BIM and MyCrest to create a sustainable environment was part of the government’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent by 2020.
Among the contributing factors for the increase in global temperature is the excessive release of carbon dioxide from homes and buildings.
She added that all major development and infrastructure projects must achieve a reduction of four megatons of carbon dioxide a year until 2020 as determined by the Construction Industry Transformation Programme (CITP).

She was speaking at the BIM and MyCrest Seminar for Sabah construction industry members here yesterday.

Rosnah said as an initial effort, the Public Works Department had imposed a requirement for the MyCrest system to be used in all public projects costing RM50 million and more.

She said the move was in line with the government’s objective of including the element of sustainability in standard procurement contracts for building and public infrastructure projects by the end of next year. 

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