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MyCREST - Malaysian Carbon Reduction and Enviromental Sustainability Tool

The Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) recently conducted a road show on MyCREST. They went all over the country and visited many major industry players with hope to educate many people on this new development.

What is MyCREST actually?

MyCREST is an acronym and stands for Malaysian Carbon Reduction and Environmental Sustainability Tool. It is a tool that guides every stakeholder involved in the design, construction, operation and maintenance of building by adopting sustainable development practices. It is also aims to quantify the actual carbon emission at every stage of the building life cycle.

MyCREST aims to guide, assist, quantify and thereby reduce the built environmental's impact in terms of reduced carbon emissions and other environmental impact. It also aims to integrate socioeconomic considerations related to the built environment and urban development.


  • To  integrate  carbon  assessment  criteria  and  reduction strategies  into      the  matrix  of  sustainability  resulting  in  a  combined  sustainable      assessment  rating  system  for    the  built environment; 
  • To  provide  a  quantifiable  carbon  assessment  within  a  holistic sustainable    rating  system  by  integrating  and  extending  the present criteria  into    life  cycle–linked  performances  and parameters; 
  • To  extend  the  present  green  building  assessment  into  life- cycle  impacts and its quantification.
  • To  combine  both  carbon  emission  and  sustainable performance factors  into  a  combined  criterion  linked  to  the design, construction,      commissioning  and  operations  of buildings. 
  • To  be  in  line  with  the  aims  of  Low  Carbon  City  Framework  (LCCF) by  Ministry  of  Energy,  Green  technology,  and  Water (KeTTHA). 

 Objective of MyCREST:
  • To  quantify  the  environmental  impacts  of  the  built environment  in both  carbon  reduction  and  sustainable impact terms. 
  • To  ensure  the  best  environmental  practice  according  to global and local standards and targets. 
  • To  maintain  and  improve  a  database  of  impacts  and  best practice case  studies  to  reduce  carbon  emissions  in  design and life-cycle impacts. 
  • To  raise  awareness  of  the  life-cycle  impacts  of  the  built environment and its components. 
  • To  balance  robustness  with  ‘durability’  and  practicality  and ease of  use. 
  • To  produce  a  tool  flexible  enough  to  be  used  by  all stakeholders,  consultants  and  contractors  and  for  all  building types and scenarios. 
  • To balance long and short term targets. 
  • To  balance  environmental  and  ‘human’ socio–economic issues.

Key Definitions

As a working definition list in MyCREST, there are selected definitions, which are outlined as follows:

Certification Phase

This refers to the three certification awards, which have their own scorecards based on the three main phases of project going for MyCREST certification;


This refers to the ‘category’ or ‘group’ of points and based on which total points can be calculated and totalled


This refers to term a ‘point’ or credit. One point or sub-criteria can have several strategies to achieve the point


Typically known as ‘scorecards’ in other green building systems. In MyCREST, these basic ‘tools’ are then ‘combined’ to make up the full scoring plan for a project going for MyCREST certification. This refers to the list of maximum points or subcriteria in MyCREST (Sustainable(S), Carbon Reduction (Cr) and Carbon Impact(Ci), which an applicant can choose from for any project.


This sustainability rating tool is required to assess construction  building impact in terms of carbon emission throughout the building's life cycle. A holistic assessment approach involving carbon emission reduction and practices that have an impact on carbon usage including socioeconomic well being has been integrated in this tool.

MyCREST Certification

In the system, every development will have three types certifications awarded at each stage:
  • Design
  • Construction and 
  • Operation and Maintenance).

Each tools is the basic of the  'star' rating for each phase of the project . MYCREST awards different star rating to the different phase of the project and will award on overall star rating. In this way, all three phase of the project is assessed.

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