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There's Hope For 43,000 Who Became Jobless In Malaysia Last Year

More than 43,000 workers in Malaysia lost their jobs since last year but all is not lost – Malaysians can still expect to do well. Even those in their late 30s and early 40s – the age group most affected – can go on to better things after being retrenched.

The key is to remain “industry relevant”, say global professional recruitment firms.

Randstad Malaysia country director Ryan Carroll pointed out that 74% of employees surveyed expect to find a comparable job within six months.

Retrenchment is not the end of one’s career, according to Robert Walters Malaysia country manager Sally Raj while Manpower Malaysia country manager Sam Haggag noted that there were many opportunities in the market.

Workers, however, must be able to identify the skills they have instead of letting themselves be defined by their previous roles.

Haggag said this was a challenge for many retrenched workers as being laid off had an emotional effect on most of them. Carroll said the number of employees worried about their job security rose from 6% to 13%, adding that it was across all ages.

He advised workers to use the Voluntary Separation Scheme (VSS) to up-skill themselves in the right area before they start hunting for a new role.

Can you work with incoming technological developments? Do you have experience in an area which is gaining momentum?

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