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Sabah To Decide Whether To Adopt The new Minimum Wage Order Or Not On May 18

The State Government will decide whether the new Minimum Wage Order 2016 should be adopted in the State at the next Cabinet meeting on May 18, ahead of the implementation of the law on July 1.
State Resource Development and Information Technology Minister Datuk Siringan Gubat on Tuesday said there are processes involved on any new Federal practice when it comes to Sabah, although the State Government would not go against its laws.

He said whether the new salary cap will be implemented in Sabah would be decided and followed by an official announcement by the State Government only after the Cabinet members deliberate on the matter.
We have received the statement from the Human Resource Ministry on the Minimum Wage Order … but there is still a process to follow. The matter will be treated the same way as the Bangladeshi workers episode, where the State Government decided not to take any of them although, they were meant to fill vacancies in certain industries nationwide.
He told reporters, after chairing a meeting with headmasters and principals for the State-level Teachers' Day Card drawing competition.

The new Minimum Wage Order, which was gazetted on April 29, covers all employees in the private sector except domestic helpers and the new salary cap for the peninsula is RM1,000 per month or RM4.81 per hour, while it is RM920 per month or RM4.42 per hour for Sabah, Sarawak and Labuan.

Meanwhile the daily minimum wage is also subject to a maximum number of hours worked per week, namely, 48 hours under the new order. Presently the minimum wage in the peninsula is RM900 while for Sabah, Sarawak and Labuan it is RM800.

So far, Siringan noted he had received no complaints from employers or trade chambers after the Human Resource Ministry announced the new salary quantum earlier this month. Members of the Malaysian Trades Union Congress Sabah Chapter (MTUC Sabah) met him recently over the matter.

The union suggested that the salary of Sabahan employees be standardised along with their peninsula counterparts, saying if workers there will be getting RM1,000 in July, so must the locals here.

Source: Daily Express

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